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Toyota recently launched their 3rd generation of the Prius. As most of you may know it is probably the most popular hybrid car developed yet.
I’ve been working in the automotive field for quite a while now. Though I’m not directly related to Hybrid business, the fate of our company does more or less depends on it. And, with what happened to GM earlier this year, the situation is not very good. Anyway, I’m not interested in the economic bulls**t.

Came across an interesting brochure a few days ago. You might have also heard about the Honda Insight, which is technically similar to the Prius, it is still a Hybrid (to a certain extent). And it has been selling like hot cakes out here in Japan. I also believe it is a prettier car.  And someone is surely not happy about it ^^

Shown below is the brochure of Toyota Prius. They have tried to explain the working of a hybrid car. And why the Insight is not a real hybrid. They claim (indirectly), that it is a Mild Hybrid. If you believe in this brochure, you’d say, the Insight is cheap, but its cheap for a reason!


It seems Honda was not happy about this stupefying move by Toyota. I’m not exactly sure what happened between the two of them, but looking at another copy of the brochure today, guess what I noticed ?

Only one page had changed !


Anyway, I’m not a big fan of Hybrid Cars. I’ve watched every episode of Top Gear at least 5 times over, how can you expect me to like Hybrid Cars ?? Remember when Jeremy raced an M3 with a Prius, and ended up getting better mileage on the M3 ? It’s more about ‘How’ you drive, rather than ‘What’ you drive.



  • The competition between Honda Insight and Toyota Prius seems to be hotting up.Both are hybrid cars, but some people think not too highly about them, and feel that a petrol car, if driven well can compete in terms of mileage.Now it is driving skill against technology. But in today's world the quality of driving is dropping and so will everyone be able to drive economically on petrol engines?

  • Yes I hu

  • you are right. i have got 1.8 toyota oon petrol, but when me and my brother go out togather, my 1.8 corolla give a better millage as compared to 1.6 corolla or my brother.while my fathers 1.8 and my brother 1.6 are almost same going up and down but close.

  • the specs and design features on the two latest and most interesting hybrid vehicles are great.

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